About Me

I hide
behind nothing
tinged with silence and emptied sheets
bleeched words that know much more than I
ever will
words that know the sultry taste of whirlwinds
and smell the heaviness of rain
rinsing muddied chunks of languish
and freeing frozen plates of time
to wake the fall that falls
with earth-tinged calm
on all my clean
white pillows.

I like
moth wings
in moonlight
but not in my hair
and paper plate dinners
with friends who stay near
and warm even
as I chill
and take leave
instead of a second

I wish I was born
old growing younger
graduation, marriage, children
and forgetting many things
would have then run right
along the proper sequence
allowing me much bragging
but, as it has turned out
in, down, and up
I cannot boast
in much
of any

Petra O. Hefner

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