The Lamb

knit together
in purity
at the first light
a most memorable beginning
and very good indeed
and then

the leaves that laughed succulence and shade
became much too quiet
too cumbersome and way too thin and frail
the only feasible cover and life
lost living
lost its joyful praise – its bleat
its breath – its peace
its pelt

pulled apart
to cover all
at the first fall
a most frightful occurrence
and very sad indeed
and then

the ground that cradled golden sheaves of grain
became much too dense
too stubborn and way too cold and cursed
the only feasible way and work
gained weight
gained its tiring pace – its misery
its load – its loss
its tears

we have made quite much of it
in our fine attire
covering our corpses with such pretty things
and heels
higher than the heavens
from whence
all glory
onto that blood-stained hill
that felt
the pain
the love
the lamb

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

reversing the curse
of endless crying dying sheep
hearing His voice and turning away
from sin
in purity
as at the first
a most memorable beginning
and very good indeed!

Petra O. Hefner

Scripture Reference


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