I can get pretty unsettled when I am interrupted
forgetting time and time again
that time is a gift

interrupted solitude
is a gift

his gift

upset and unbalanced
I lose all things
all that life gives
it can take just as quick
interrupting eighty years
knocking knees rushing
yet still at the door
bell pushed
interrupting my duty
my searching
my plan

interrupted again
by eighty years pierced pressing
that cracked door chime in the dark
interrupting my plan to spill grace
while he holds his peace shattered
waiting to share his news

interrupted comfort
she went ahead not too late
just on time
just not his time
not my time
this time
he will miss her much
to his surprise
I stayed too long
at the door
letting him walk in and light scream out
into the dark broken
yet whole

interrupted silence
waiting to explode yet controlled
held tight by joy
great tidings pealing
from a very near distance interrupting
him interrupting me
interrupting his pain
my plan

interrupted again
cut from my kindness
joint and marrow trying to console
eighty years?

interrupted by a loss
lost gasps – groping prayers left hanging
still heavy from some dry adoration
suddenly fly
like arrows from a bent bow
high and higher still
her silenced hymns
to interrupt
even this
broken moment

this man of eighty long years
spilling new tears

Petra O. Hefner

“I can say from experience that 95% of knowing the will of God consists in being prepared to do it before you know what it is.” ~Donald Gray Barnhouse


4 thoughts on “Interrupted

  1. Petra, Beautiful poem. It makes me think of all the times in my adult life that was “interrupted” (time I spent away from God). Thank you for putting your contemplations down for us to read.It's good to visit you again. It's been awhile. I'm doing the A to Z Challenge and it's got me starting to make blog rounds again.


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