Christianese or Churchese

Maybe you’ve heard it
maybe you speak it
I am guilty
I speak both
without thinking
claiming that my speaking and planning
and meeting and praying
bring honor
to our brothers and sister and God
most especially


think again
this time in English
or French – even Latin
just be warned that Christianese sounds nice
and Churchese even nicer
when it bites
its own


driven deep into the Savior
the One who has
and does
and will
always honor God


think again
this time in earnest
or bent – even broken
just beware that the truth sounds strange
and grace even stranger
when it calls out
deeply hid within the good sinner
the one who keeps braggin’
’bout honoring God


think again
this time in English
or Greek – Pig Latin even
just be aware that your words sound decent
and your bragging even humble
when you call
the shots
with big Word words
God is not impressed
when you think
you’re humble

Think again

this time in front of the Savior
and His sovereign Will

Petra O. Hefner

“The true way to be humble is not to stoop until you are smaller than yourself, but to stand at your real height against some higher nature that will show you what the real smallness of your greatness is.” ~ Phillips Brooks


6 thoughts on “Christianese or Churchese

  1. Beautifully said dear Petra. It's a contant battle againsT the deceitfulness of our prideful hearts isn't it. Even our best motives remain tainted by our fallen natures. What comfort to know that He is not only the Savior but the Sanctifier of our souls. MUCH love to you! It's time to talk again sister! :)


  2. Amen, Petra! I've been convicted of late about my words after some recent sermons on Job. Oh what his friends said in the name of comfort! And where have I done the same? Thank God even we may not be able to tame the tongue, He is able.


  3. Beautiful, profound, biting.I read, and re-read and now I'll journal it.Petra, God has given you a real gift for words.Thank you for sharing it…a gift of real words.Grace and Peace,jojo


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