A Little While Longer

O to stay
a little while longer
by the rill of still waters
down stream
where the rains fall up
and sun rays burst
through a truer light
a snow-white flock
sweeps soundlessly
across His royal diadem
of bluest blue
an emerald sea reflecting
only shadows
good things
yet to be
poppies burst
into a symphony
of ripening wheat waving
upon a thousand hills
where sheaves of gold bow down
and bend beneath His will
because they know
no end
to His endless
new beginnings
in the risen
in whom we have the hope of forgiveness
and the death of all sins
a joy forever
fullest at His feet
under which
every high and mighty mountain melts
like wax.

Petra O. Hefner

Scripture Reference


14 thoughts on “A Little While Longer

  1. Thanks for sharing your gift…it is inspiring.Oh, on the eye-lashes…I have never used anything fake, not even fingernails…but who knows, I just might someday…I will probably feel totally silly. I so admire her for trying and making herself look beautiful…she is an inspiration to me, and her wigs are beautiful and so low maintenance.


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