Xylophone, xylophone
play me a song
play me a dirge
make it extra long
for those who sleep
but cannot rest
for those who sin
who know not
what forgiveness is
only that their own goodness counts
and that their badness amounts
to nothing

Oh, xylophone play
play deep
deeper still
they’ve already ignored
His sovereign will
play high
higher yet
pierce the sky
with your cry
set on vibrato
for they’ve already sold
the truth
for a

Oh, xylophone, xylophone
play extra loud
louder still
while it’s still still
still day
still time
for those who still won’t
who won’t wake
but can’t sleep
Oh, play.

Xylophone, xylophone
play a bit softer
play a bit kinder
while we pray
while we weep
while they sleep
without rest
’cause they won’t
still won’t wake
but can’t sleep
while we weep
while we pray
Oh, pray

Petra O. Hefner

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