Virtual Faith

Virtual faith
sits behind the screen
safe from real screams muted in print
safe from the warmth of blood flooding in
through the click of an aperture’s lens
to hold just a few short gasps
from feeling too deeply
safe from the chill
of lost lives
quietly doused
by silent saline
mixed with a quicker solution
sure to kill a scream
so loud
it can’t be heard
although it’s just been tweeted and shared
but never appropriately considered
form the stares that could kill
even if they were shot from across the street
but they’re just traveling through
to lull your heart
safe from the sneers that are
placidly placed behind plasma
from that one sharp remark that cuts
like a switch blade
but it’s not even breathing
eleven weeks old and already cold
as it slips unchallenged
by even the strongest arm
beneath your virtual wit and charm
as you touch
not a single life
just the delete key
your position so replete
that any further probing
could never prove your faith
to be as wanting as those who are to be
no sooner remembered
because they were so fast
Petra O. Hefner

Scripture References


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