Life of Life

He came to us
from glory to a womb
to bring life to life
and death to death
by dying
hoisted by ignorance and hate

He came for us
a sinless lamb
to the open mouths and cruel hands
of a lie launched from the first lie
and its consequence
into the stench
of the grave
face to face
with darkest darkness
and fiercest pain

every sin
flung upon His shoulder
more piercing than each blow
each ridicule
each wound
each nail
was the pain
of His perfect heart
forsaken by God
He heard the voice He loved so well!

My Son

In You I AM

Well pleased!

at which He rose
from death
to Life
to Glory
to bring Life to life never ending
the promise of His love fulfilled
fusing heaven and earth
my heart with His
and His heart with all
who believe.

Petra O. Hefner

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