Xanthic and Xylophone

Xanthic is sunshine,
cheering warmth
in winter.

Xanthic is hope,
tattered ribbons
on trees.

Xanthic is caution,
looming danger

Xanthic is company,
a complimentary mix
on a palette.

Xanthic is exciting,
daffodils budding
in spring.

Xanthic is fresh,
lemons squeezed
and sweetened.

Xanthic is pretending,
a counterfeit
of gold.

Xanthic is sharp,
a distressing pulse
of light.

Xanthic is deep,
a penetrating peace
in a painting.

Xanthic is blithe,
blest encouragements
for the blues.

Oh xylophone, oh xylophone,
I loved you very well.
Those shiny silver bars did ring
the happiest tings, but now do tell,
oh xylophone, oh xylophone,
how you didst fill this head
with music of such happy lore
as I had only known before
these childish joys have fled!

Petra O. Hefner


15 thoughts on “Xanthic and Xylophone

  1. Wonderful, Petra, and so creative! Xanthic will be our word challenge for the day, but I’d better get to it before Ink comes slinging your way. :) What an amazing job you’ve done through this blogging challenge. Love and hugs to you, sweet friend!


  2. 2 great poems in one day!

    My favorite stanza –
    Xanthic is hope,
    tattered ribbons
    on trees.

    Maybe because it’s such a familiar sight. I’m not sure why but that stanza spoke to me.


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