“But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles.” Isaiah 40:31

That I should fly and feel such wings
rise over my moan to where the sparrow sings
of seeing streams and hills and even sparks of heaven,
my view no longer small or on my self engraven.

My woe though deep is purposefully clear,
hopeless and dank only below this mounting fear-
Lord raise me up to where the wheat waves like the sea
from palest gray to ripest golden glee.

And I shall see Thy hand upon all things,
working and weaving and testing all thy wings-
each spot, each mar, each tear of each beloved heir,
each bruised and broken wing repair!

Each waiting heart that hopes in Him
shall rise over all to where the sparrows sing
of crystal streams and gilded hills, by God’s own word engraven,
and our faith shall rise full-sail into His promised haven.

Petra O. Hefner


8 thoughts on “Wings

  1. I loved the poetry Petra. We have lots of eagles where we live in Florida and I watch them daily soar over our property hunting for food. It is a wonderful sight to see. However, if their wings are weighted down they cannot fly and neither can we with the cares of the world on our shoulders. My daughter needs to read this. She so often takes so much upon herself. Thank you for this blessing today.


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