sinner saved by grace
my dearly beloved
God’s giving heart
leader, provider
my best friend
strong arms
skillful art
one heart
His song
is in

“Landrum Aire”
by Rick Hefner



16 thoughts on “Rick

  1. Lovely!!

    Husbands love it when their wives brag about them-especially when they are standing right next to them. :-)

    Christ loves it when we brag about Him as well, as you do so faithfully in your poems. Blessings from the Lord to you!


  2. Your words and Rick’s music…what a wonderful combination!

    You have truly blessed us by sharing, may God bless you both this weekend, have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday my friend!


  3. Beautiful post! Thank you so much. My husband, too, was a beautiful person, not on the outside, but the inside. His heart was so big and so caring. He looked on the broken and hurting, and his heart hurt for them. he was a rock for me, and I miss him. You are fortunate, indeed. Ruby


  4. Ah, Petra, I love how you brag about Rick, and you are absolutely right to do so! And oh boy, is that music sweet soothing honey to my soul! Love it! When’s Rick putting out a CD that we can buy? :) To go with your book of poems that you’re going to publish, of course ;) Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful, beautiful.


  5. Petra,
    I have to type quickly before Ink comes in and sees the tears in my eyes. So sweet. So beautiful! I guess I just need to keep tissues nearby when I read your posts. I love you, sweet friend!


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