Question and Answer

Why am I
am I still afraid
still afraid to let go
to let go of me
of me letting go
letting go of my fear?
My fear needs more faith
more faith to go much deeper
much deeper than ankle-deep
ankle-deep must be skin-deep
skin-deep in Christ
in Christ and not in me
in me Christ lives.
Christ lives!

Petra O. Hefner



14 thoughts on “Question and Answer

  1. Your poems really get to me. In some areas of my life I trust God completely and have no fear but why can’t I have that same trust in other areas of my life?


  2. “my fear needs more faith”

    Mine too. Thanks for this encouragement. I need a greater revelation of Christ and what He has done for me. May the Lord bless!!


  3. Isn’t is James who tells us to ask God for faith and God will increase our faith? I don’t think it’s enough to have faith, I must, continually, ask God for more faith and He provides.
    It is a lovely poem, I like the way it brings me ’round again.


  4. Wow, that Ink Slinger is a smart one, dear Petra! I love how he picked up on the pattern that you used with this wonderful (once again, and are you tired of that word…you’re forcing me to expand my vocabulary. :)) poem!

    Oh, LORD, increase our faith!

    And, yes, I still love you even though you like MICE.

    A million hugs from me and the Littles and Bigs….


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