It Is Finished

“It is Finished.”

What is finished?

God’s eternal will and perfect design,
all that was written in the prophets,
all visions and prophesies foretold,
the whole will of God
perfectly obeyed!

The deepest pangs in the garden,
rawest reproach and suffering,
purest shame-
the cost of sin-
the  cold naked cross
of God’s wrath

Each moral and ceremonial law,
every distinct demand of justice,
all types and shadows and promises,
God’s perfect righteousness forever
magnified and justified
and honorably

God’s perfect pardon,
Christ’s perfect sacrifice,
fullest satisfaction and atonement,
complete salvation and pardon
completely procured
as never before
nor since!


All the earth shook!
The weighted veil split!
The holy of holies unfurled!
The wailing sky thundered
and all of Hell trembled
as the vast of eternity

at the red heifer
and at the pure lamb,
at the young bullock
and at the clean ram,
at the male goat
and at the small dove
as they all


The wheat and the tares,
the Light and the night,
the goats and the lambs,
His truth and his lies


It is finished!

God’s kingdom is wholly holy!
established and fully complete
in justice and fullest pardon
for every redeemed
believing soul


Faith blossoms!

It is finished!

So entirely and so fully,
so utterly and so complete
that any help whatsoever
of any man whosoever
would only

Nothing can be added.

It is finished!
and cannot be undone!

It is finished!

It has
eternally secured
Christ’s resurrection,
His entrance into heaven,
His session at God’s right hand,
His Lordship and power and authority
over all

What is finished?

All Glory

It is finished!


You cannot work hard enough
sacrifice long enough
praise loud enough
reach high enough
pray long enough
cry deep enough
learn enough
read enough
give enough
pay enough
crawl far enough
on your bleeding knees
to ever be able to earn it!

It is finished!

The utmost Best
has been offered
once and for all!

is not long enough
to ever thank Him
dearly enough!

So, stop trying.
Stop crying.


It is finished!

Petra O. Hefner



17 thoughts on “It Is Finished

  1. Petra, I am blown away! I alreday know that you are a truly gifted poet and writer, but I truly didn’t expect to see your name at the bottom of this piece. I think it is by far your best work I’ve read. I hope you have a copyright on it.

    Now, having said that, this piece has done it’s job, it has made the point and it has directed us to the Holy One is the Beginning and the End of all things, and who is our Beloved Redeemer.

    Thank you!

    With much love!


  2. Hi, I loved the post! Poetry is a wonderful medium for expressing our emotions and thoughts. Thanks, too, for coming to read my ramblings! I love to write and be read.


  3. My dear, sweet Petra,
    This leaves me teary-eyed and thankful! Will you promise me a signed copy of your book when it comes out? Much love to you, my friend! I thank God for you!


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