The overrated self
thinks itself to be without
need and stifling borders
parading a freer stronger kind
of life–of becoming better yet
never reaching good enough.

The rapacious self
knows not the ins or outs
of genuine needs only more
maddened by its own starvation
rabidly gorging gouging razing
and depleting life and peace.

The gargantuan self
dreams only of pleasures
mounting thirsts lusting drowning
in ever jarring wounding wanting
insatiably greedily ravingly more
within without discretion.

The monstrous self
grins with virtuous fangs
most fascinating luring blinding
in its dazzling subtleties parading
along the steepled shaded side
of its colossal sins.

The selfless self
emptied of all yet all replete
brimfully whole and wholly complete
in mending in serving and laden in love
in Him abiding thus fully abounding
in all alive in everything giving.

Petra O. Hefner



16 thoughts on “Colossal

  1. Oh my Word! This is beautiful!

    How you have captured the “colossal” difference between Christ and poor, pitiful, sinful man.

    You “nailed” it again sister!

    Thank you for your poetry! It is truly our blessing!

    Love you!


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