A Gift

My man
took my words
right out of my mouth
and moved them
to his head

What a gift!

Also on youtube


16 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. Petra, that is beautiful. I remember reading it before and with the audio/pics, it comes alive. :)
    It’s cool to see all the various ways in which the Lord uses us. From preaching, to poetry, to music, to teaching, and so MANY others….all for His glory. thanks for posting.


  2. Petra,
    Diane is right….you and your Beloved do make beautiful music together. How wonderful is that?!

    So, he put the music to this and then surprised you with it? Is that not the best of birthday gifts?

    And just think….it’s not impossible to think that one day I’ll get to listen to this in person.

    So much love to you, my dear friend!


  3. Petra I am a little late on this, I have not been online much but I hope you had a glorious Birthday, and what a blessing your poetry and work is to the body of Christ. Love to you my friend! I love this!


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