Her Pen

Her pen

drips ink
form the art
of her heart
as it spills more
questions into a book
already written

hoping to gain
a much closer look
at the One who gave all
because He was
is and is yet
to come

from His word
His wisdom revealing
His will
His patience
His passion bleeding
endless mercy and grace.

This little poem happened in response to Nahno McLein’s 60×60 challenge. I didn’t quite make it and it’s been tweaked. :-(


5 thoughts on “Her Pen

  1. You. Are. Amazing.

    Now that’s the first time I’ve written like that to express my awe! This is great, Petra. My son and I are so impressed, and even more so because we know you give God all the glory.

    Lots of love and hugs sent across the miles, my friend! Can’t wait til’ we’re in your neck of the woods. :)


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