Open the book of life
and find the string
that binds you
to a promise.

Seek the start of life
and find one good
and perfect love
in his garden.

Eat the food of wisdom
and find her truth
fill the mouths
of the meek.

Feel the law of justice
and find the weight
of constant failure
and guilt within.

Heed the psalms of old
and find the hope
that sings about
a perfect Savior.

Note the voice of heaven
and find the dove
high above One
who has come.

Hear the shouts of man
and find your madness
your prideful wish
to crucify God!

Behold the power of love
and find great weeping
our spotless lamb
beat and slain.

Taste the bread of heaven
and find purest wine
God’s own passion
spilled for all.

Drink the words of life
and find the Savior
full of grace
and truth.

Live the book of holiness
and praise the Son
God and Spirit
Three in One.

Petra O. Hefner



10 thoughts on “Find

  1. Thank you for these comforting words with which to end the day! You cover beginning to end so beautifully. Oh, how I love His Word!

    Much love to you, my sweet friend!


  2. This blessed me this morning, Petra. Thank you. I especially liked the opening verse. The cord that binds us to a promise.


  3. This is so beautiful! What a gift you have for writing, and for conveying the truth of God, sis. Thank you…I will carry this with me throughout the day!


  4. Oh so beautiful Petra.

    Seek the food of wisdom
    and find her truth
    fill the mouths
    of the simple.

    “the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple” Ps 19:7

    Loved your expression here. Thank you!


  5. “Devour the words of life
    and find the Savior’s
    grace and mercy,
    all sin forgiven.”

    Beautiful poetry, Petra :)

    I love the way your poems seem to sweep across the whole revelatory goodness of God from Genesis to Revelation.

    Love and blessings to you x


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