From the lure of a lie
to the ear within
is the hole of a sigh
and the whole of sin.

From the red of a fire
to the blue of blame
is the tail of a liar
and a tale of shame.

From the rise of a smile
to the deepest sea
is the wait of a while
and the weight of me.

From the pit of a cry
to a soaring dove
is a piece of clear sky
and the peace of His love.

Petra O. Hefner



6 thoughts on “Homophones

  1. Wow! It is the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation! I see the doctrine of original sin in your first stanza!

    Thank you for sharing your poetry Petra! It is truly OUR blessing!

    Love and blessings!


  2. Petra,
    You are keeping me well supplied with poems and copywork for my children. :) This is so wonderful! Amen, too, to Christina’s observations.

    I’ve missed you greatly and thank you for your prayers, my friend! My daughter has a little surprise for you….would you mind sending me your mailing address?

    May God bless you with a beautiful weekend and a worshipful Lord’s Day!!


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