Dewdrops Quiver

His voice thundered
as eternal wisdom birthed
inerrant truth and power
and endless love and hope.

An exuberant ballad arose
as all things beautiful came crashing
with purest gladness and endless poise
from the farthest constellation
to the nearest whispers.

The universe arrived
without a pause or waver
at the surge of His voice
and pierced the ling’ring night
With His new morning!

Frothing waters waved
and whitecaps without blemish teamed
with sudden life and sounds of joy
and praise.

From Him and through Him
and for Him was everything made
and everything that was made
was very good!

And in the magnificence
of His composition still spins
and twirls the speck of dust.

And dewdrops quiver
through His dawn reflecting
the walrus and the iris
the hawk and the spore.

And in His blazing stanza rises
the rainbow and the purple sunset
as His morning glories spill
a crimson tale of love.

And in the sacredness of His Word
still sprouts the Truth that man has heard
and yet ignores.

Awaken to His wisdom,
O hear her perfect ode!

And stop you fruitless chasing
after airless winds that cannot blow
your hopes into the heavens.

The ship you trust is sailing
on bloody drunken seas.

The road you walk is burning
beneath your frozen feet.

Awake! O hear His bellow!

Feel His fiery call
before you fall forever long
so very long into the endless end
of the shortest lie.


Drink of His wine
His Life fully embrace
His gift of Grace!

Eat His Word!

Your life, your every breath is in it…

Nothing was left out!

Petra O. Hefner



5 thoughts on “Dewdrops Quiver

  1. Petra, I think you need to share with us more of your poetry.

    This was absolutely beautiful. I am blessed but most important, I am looking upward. Thank you for sharing this!

    Much love to you!


  2. Petra, this is so beautiful! What a wonderful word picture of “And God said…and God saw that it was good”

    Thank you for sharing the talents He has given you with us!

    Have a wonderful day dear sister!


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