Grace Still Waits

“For the grace of God hath appeared…”

The friend we’ve hungered for
The soul mate we’ve yearned for
The liberator we’ve hoped for
The rescuer we’ve ached for…

The truth we’ve meditated
and pondered was rejected!

Was ridiculed, mocked, bruised, belittled
humiliated, injured and disgraced!
Was teased, tortured, agonized and trampled
drained of life and maimed!

Fairness wore the scars of sin
that we’re too vain to face!

Innocence bore the wrath of death
that lies in wait for us!

Grace appeared as an immaculate life,

while an age-old lie tried to kill and mute the truth
but failed and fled, in light of His great mercy.

Grace still waits for us; still longs for us
to know the One who cannot be denied.

Petra O. Hefner


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