Only One

Many people pray
Some to deaf ears
Others to the open air
And some to the opened
ear of all ears.
Most people want to hear
more good news about themselves
about their purpose and their future
only good news while the best news remains
to be heard
by all

The Good News of Christ!

His dying to end death,
His resurrection to awaken all hope
Grace for the blind eye and the deaf ear
suddenly able to see and to hear
and to live

All people,
whether glib or silent,
have something to say
and wish to be heard and hailed
but there remains only one
subject worth preaching,

The Word of God

Petra O. Hefner


Indispensably Real

In this life,
passing and imperfect,
beauty lies marred
by broken promises,
and wallows in disguises.

She’s scarring souls
with mirrored shards
reflecting wounded smiles
and empty laughter,
while life has already drowned
in her shallowness and idle banter.

She prowls to allure
all who seek to befriend her
yet feels lost and most alone
staring at mirages–invisible;
screaming in silence–inaudible;
prating in vain–meaningless.

She’s lost her passion–
has left her peace without a shelter;
her hope is dull, her colors faded
and her accuser smiles behind his lies
of love for life and fear of death.

Yet in this life,
passing and imperfect,
God longs to redeem her
with tears and scars that heal
and blood that purifies.

True beauty is born
of God’s grace and sees not
what was or is but will yet be.

True beauty grows
at each evaporating tear,
where smiles in God of mercy sing.

True beauty shines
where doubt and darkness melt
and morning wakes His perfect grace
so that in this life, passing and imperfect,
God’s beauty may reflect in you.

God’s heartbeat moves
to a melody of calling you;
tilt your wary doubtful head
toward this chance of countless chances
and begin your days in Him.

Do not tarry!
Touch the bursting colors
of His endless waking sky
and come away from death
into the scent of brand new mornings
as it spills from God’s own cleansing wind.

Pour golden silence
over your endless prattle
and bid your limbs be still!
that you may hear His love
sung long before all life began;
lyrics of your truest beauty
as it was intended, all splendid
and indispensably real!

Petra O. Hefner


Grace Still Waits

“For the grace of God hath appeared…”

The friend we’ve hungered for
The soul mate we’ve yearned for
The liberator we’ve hoped for
The rescuer we’ve ached for…

The truth we’ve meditated
and pondered was rejected!

Was ridiculed, mocked, bruised, belittled
humiliated, injured and disgraced!
Was teased, tortured, agonized and trampled
drained of life and maimed!

Fairness wore the scars of sin
that we’re too vain to face!

Innocence bore the wrath of death
that lies in wait for us!

Grace appeared as an immaculate life,

while an age-old lie tried to kill and mute the truth
but failed and fled, in light of His great mercy.

Grace still waits for us; still longs for us
to know the One who cannot be denied.

Petra O. Hefner