The Know-it-all

Welcome to the family of Know-it-all
where Mr. Know-it-all knows it all better
and will explain all to all for the good of all
whether anyone ever listens or not.

Welcome to the home of the Know-it-all
Where Mrs. Know-it-all knows all too well
that she can’t convince anyone at all
because they all know it all better already.

Welcome to the charm of the first-born Know-it-all
A very handsome Know-it-all who knows best of all
how to persuade us (and all) that he really does know it all
because he has been checking it all more than trice.

Welcome to the wonder of the second Know-it-all
who knew all along that he had always known it all
to the amazement of all who always receive the last word of it all
‘though they really don’t need it at all knowing all already.

And last but not least of all…

Welcome to the love of the Know-it-all who know
how to hug and forgive all knock-out Know-it-all all the time
even when sometimes they’d rather not forgive all at all
because they’re always on the edge of it all

where the Giver of ALL always knows best of all
how to save them all from all their grand delusions
by giving them all ALL that He had promised to give – ALL of Himself
for the propitiation of all who really and truly know
nothing much
at all.

For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 1 Cor 2:2

Maimed and Twisted

He arrived so small, so tender
after we had grown so exceedingly bold.

He lay vulnerable – approachable
while we stood armed and most reserved.

He was most fair, above all honest
while we grew vain and shrewd and worthless.

He was personal and most attentive
while we were distant, reckless and misled.

He fused forgiveness with true healing
while our vengeance left us maimed and twisted.

He remained ever mindful and devoted
while we mounted our rebellious, callous stairs.

He was tactful, helpful, selfless
while we grew utterly self-absorbed.

His life was calm, His ways most peaceful
while we were restless, jealous and absurd.

His love was loyal, yet not demanding
while we remained unfaithful and unsure.

His arms were open, His heart extended
while we ran mocking from our only hope!

Petra O. Hefner